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This work package focuses on knowledge representation and system self-awareness. The targeted systems are large and composed of many different service components that interact and communicate with each other. Self-awareness in such systems requires that service components are collecting knowledge about themselves, other service components and also the environment in which a system is operating.

We are currently developing the KnowLang Framework that implies a notion for modeling knowledge and self-adaptive behavior of ASCENS-like systems. The KnowLang specification model has gradually evolved over the last two years to take a mature shape. This helped us to specify initial knowledge models for all  three ASCENS case studies. In addition, we started working on the KnowLang Reasoner and started implementing the KnowLang Toolset.

An important break-through is the KnowLang mechanism for self-adaptive behavior where knowledge representation and reasoning help to establish the vital connection between knowledge, perception and actions realizing self-adaptive behavior. Moreover, we developed a conceptual reference model for awareness called "Pyramid of Awareness" and outlined how this model can be realized with the KnowLang Framework.

Finally, to allow for knowledge representation of liveness properties, we started working on a possible integration of soft constraints in KnowLang.


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