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This work package develops three case studies from three different application domains: swarm robotics, cloud computing and e-mobility. Control systems for all the three domains are highly collective, constructed of numerous independent entities that share common goals. Their elements are both autonomous and cooperative featuring a high level of self awareness and self expressiveness.  

A complex control system built out of such entities must be robust and adaptive offering maximal utilization with minimal energy and resource use.  

With such complex requirements, the three case studies form a perfect playground for deploying techniques methods and tools, developed in other ASCENS work packages. Three separate systems are under development, each constructed with generic notion of service components that can gather into ensembles featuring optimized control.

  • Swarm robotics focuses on a disaster recovery scenario in which robots ensembles must coordinate to explore an unknown environment, find victims and bring them to safety. The nature of the environment is highly dynamic and challenging and requires properties such as safety and timeliness in the execution of the necessary tasks.
  • Cloud computing focuses on a science cloud platform representing a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. It synthesizes a complete model of both the platform and the applications that run on top of it. A peer-to peer character of the cloud requires adaptive and self-aware control strategies.
  • The e-mobility case study is represented by a complex simulation system that optimizes the energy and e-vehicles utilization by providing e-mobility aware-rich services (managing car sharing, multiple routing, parking places’ and charging stations’ restriction and traffic situation).

The section on case studies provides detailed information about the current status of the case studies.

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