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The objective of this work package is to influence and later reflect on the work in work packages 1 to 5, 6, and 7 respectively. Firstly, challenges of the real-world case studies must be distilled and made available to all project partners. Secondly, the foundational work done of ASCENS, applied to the case studies in work package 7 must be put into a larger perspective from an engineering point of view, thereby identifying best practices for service component ensembles. Thus, this work package is integrative in nature by combining results from the foundational work packages and the real-world case studies investigated in ASCENS.

In the first year, work package 8 identified the main challenges involved in developing ensembles and presented them in a structured format. In the second year, we started working on a Service-Component repository (SCR) for self-aware autonomic ensembles that is intended to produce a ready-to-use repository of key service components to be used in all kinds of ensembles.

We also populated the SCR with service components which include among others the KnowLang toolkit, a constraint-based planner available as a part of the Iliad implementation of the POEM language, a knowledge-processing-engine component developed as part of the KnowLang implementation and a simulator for feedback loops and self-adaptive behavior. A screenshot of the SCR can be found in the figure below.


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