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The aim of this work package is to support wide dissemination and exploitation of the results that are produced in the ASCENS project. WP9 uses different dissemination channels to achieve this purpose, such as this web site, the ASCENS  blog, conferences, workshops and courses.

During the first three years of the project ASCENS members produced 192 publications, including journals articles, conference and workshop papers, book contributions and a short overview article published in the Awareness Magazine. In addition, more than 100 invited talks and tutorials were held and more than 45 conferences and workshops organized by project members.

ASCENS members participated so far in the organization of 6 summer schools for young researchers, and taught ASCENS related topics in almost 40 courses.

This work package also supports joint dissemination and exploitation activities with the FET projects of the initiative on Self-Awareness in Autonomic Systems, e.g. on the AWARENESS portal, and joint events such as the AWARENESS Virtual Lecture Series (AVLS) and the AWASS summer school.

ASCENS results were presented at the exhibition of ICT 2013 ín Vilnius.

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