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The city and its surroundings are rich in history and, at the same time, open to the future.

Throughout the years, this medieval Tuscan city has maintained the characteristics of the small capital it has been almost up to the unification of Italy. The streets and piazzas of the historic centre, the churches and buildings, and its overall urban layout show how smooth and uninterrupted its development has been over the centuries, providing an ideal setting for a campus within which experiences can be shared and personal contact can be enhanced.

The Renaissance city walls and the natural amphitheatre of the hills beyond combine in a perfect blend of nature and the work of man.Beyond the hills, the beaches of Versilia and the mountains of Garfagnana are uniquely attractive by their variety and closeness to the town.

Lucca has good connections to other large towns, to cities and other university centers of the region, and it is close to both Pisa and Florence international airports.

In general the climate in Lucca is mild with a gentle fresh wind. Usually the spring in Lucca is quite rainy but there are still dry, sunny days.


The Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca is a research university within the Italian public higher education system. It is an institute for advanced studies, IMT hosts researchers who carry out methodological research, held to high scientific standards, leading to the development of new knowledge. IMT's specially designed campus fosters the continual presence of visiting scholars that contribute to creating a stimulating and intellectually lively environment. At the same time,

IMT is also an institute of technology where numerous research projects are undertaken to apply cutting-edge scientific results to solve problems of economic, industrial, and societal interest. The pillars of the institute's research model are its thematic research units, highly specialized in a specific field, that often cooperate in interdisciplinary projects.

IMT's institutional role is also that of a graduate school  where knowledge is transmitted to young PhD students.

More information on IMT is available here.

How to reach the IMT Campus


Further information on the website of the city and the Tuscany region as well as on commercial portals, such as tripadvisor, trivago, casamundo, nuroa appartments,  ...

Travel information

Note for those landing in Florence: There is a direct bus (the R002, Vaibus, bus) from the airport (FIRENZE via Guidoni aereoporto) to Lucca. The bus ride lasts about one hour. Tickets can be purchased on the bus, but one has to pay in cash. See here for more information. The last bus leaves at 19:25.

Further Information

Further requests of information can be forwarded to LUCCA PROMOS
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