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on Engineering Collective Autonomic Systems (ECAS)

March 23-27, 2015
Lucca, Italy

The ECAS Spring School is aimed to give PhD students and other young researchers a comprehensive overview of theoretical, practical, and technological issues related to collective self-aware autonomic systems - so-called ensembles.

The school program will include keynotes and presentations by ASCENS experts in the field of engineering collective autonomic systems. Special emphasis will be on the pragmatic work to be realized by the participants applying languages, techniques and tools developed in the ASCENS project to different case studies. 

Keynote speakers

  • Marco Dorigo -  Swarm Intelligence in the Natural and Artificial Worlds
  • Joseph Sifakis - Concurrent Systems Specification and Verification using BIP

Industry Talks

  • Henry Bensler - Volkswagen AG - E-Mobility
  • Max Ahrens - Zimory GmbH - Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange - A new Era of flexible Infrastructure Sourcing

Presentations by ASCENS experts on

  • Martin Wirsing - Engineering Collective Autonomic Systems
  • Rocco De Nicola & Rosario Pugliese -  Programming Collective Autonomic Systems with SCEL
  • Franco Zambonelli - Engineering Self-organization and Emergence
  • Matthias Hölzl - Reasoning and Learning for Awareness and Adaptation
  • Saddek Bensalem - Quantitative Verification Techniques
  • Petr Tuma - Methods for Performance Monitoring and Prediction
  • Tomas Bures - The Invariant Refinement Method
  • Ugo Montanari - From Local to Global Knowledge and Back
  • Emil Vassev - Knowledge Representation for Adaptive and Self-Aware Systems
  • Roberto Bruni - A Formal Approach to Adaptation, Awareness and Self-Expression
  • Nora Koch - Best Practices for Engineering Collective Adaptive Systems

 Case Studies

  • Carlo Pinciroli - Swarm Robotics
  • Philip Mayer - Autonomic Cloud
  • Nicklas Hoch - e-Mobility

Team work

  • Student projects on  ASCENS languages, methods and tools, and  using scenarios of the ASCENS case studies.
  • These projects will be supervised by Lenz Belzner, Nicola Bicocchi, Tomas Bures, Jacques Combaz, Michele Loreti, Carlo Pinciroli and Francesco Tiezzi.
  • Presentations of participants work and feedback

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