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The Awareness Visualizer plug-in facilitates

  • the monitoring of changes to awareness data of an autonomic system executed in the jRESP runtime environment
  • the visualization of adaptation at runtime using a graph-like representation

A key benefit here is to provide feedback to the engineer about the behavior of the complex awareness mechanism used, thus helping the decision-making process. This feedback can also improve any offline activities on the redesign of the system, verification and redeployment.


The AVis plug-in has been implemented as an Eclipse rich client application with GEF capabilities to support visualization. There are three main components in the plug-in – Model, View and Controller.

The Model is the data portion of the plug-in containing plain old java objects (POJOs) created for the monitored awareness attributes. These are instantiated at runtime using the knowledge attributes in the interface of a node in jRESP. The Observer-observable pattern in Java is employed for listening and notifying the state of the POJO awareness objects in the AVis plug-in when the corresponding state of the attributes in the node’s interface is updated.

The View part draws the graph where the model is represented as nodes and connections in the graph. The Controller binds the model to the view, and for this, it listens for model changes and updates the view.

Disaster scenario in jRESP (left) and the AVis plug-in (right)

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