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Final Period

JD4.1 - Book on Autonomic Service-Component Ensembles

JD4.2 - ASCEns Tool Suite

JD4.3 - ASCENS Brochure

D1.4 - SCEL: A Service Component Ensemble Language

D2.4 - Foundational Frameworks for Autonomic Computational Models

D3.4 - Knowledge Representation and Awareness with KnowLang

D4.4 - Fourth Report on WP4

D5.4 - Verification Techniques for SCs and SCEs (final version)

D6.4 - The SCE Workbench and Integrated Tools, Release 1

D7.4 - Demonstrator Evaluation Report

D8.4The Ensemble Development Life Cycle and Best Practices for SCEs (final version)

D9.4a - Progress Report on Dissemination and Collaboration

D9.4b - Demonstration and Exploitation of Project Results

Year 3

JD3.1 - Verification Results Applied to the Case Studies

JD3.2 - Software Engineering for Self-Aware SCEs

D1.3 - Task Descriptions, Dynamic Reconfiguration, Context Aware, Resource Negotiation, and Performance Metrics (third report on WP1)

D2.3 - From Local to Global Knowledge and Back, and Semantics Preserving Transformations (third report on WP2)

D3.3 - A Reference Model for Self-Awareness in SCE Systems and Experimental Knowledge Models for the ASCENS Case Studies (third report on WP3)

D4.3 - Prototype Modelling and Implementation of Self-Adaptive SCs and SCEs, and Experience Report on Large-Scale Adaptable Ensembles (third report on WP4)

D4.5 - Methods for Performance Monitoring and Prediction of SCs and SCEs (second iteration)

D5.3 - Verification Techniques and Security Issues (first version) (third report on WP5)

D6.3 - The SCE Workbench and Integrated Tools, Pre-Release 2 (third report on WP6)

D7.3 - Integration and Simulation Report for the ASCENS Case Studies (third report on WP7)

D8.3 - Best Practises for SCEs (third report on WP8)

D9.3 - Progress Report on Dissemination, Collaboration and Exploitation

Year 2

JD2.1 - Languages and Knowledge Models for Self-Awareness and Self-Expression

JD2.2 - Modelling and Verification Techniques for SCEs

D1.5 - Language Extensions for Implementation-level Conformance Checking

D1.2 - Languages for Coordinating Ensemble Components (second report on WP1)

D2.2 - Models for Collaborative and Competitive SCEs, and Distributed Implementation of Connectors (second report on WP2)

D3.2 - Generic Knowledge Models for SCE Systems, and a Framework for Knowledge Modelling for SCE Systems (second report on WP3)

D4.2 - Component- and Ensemble-Level Self-Expression Patterns: Report on Experimental and Simulation Activities, and Requirements for Tools Implementation and First Iteration of Methods for Performance Monitoring and Prediction of SCs and SCEs (second report on WP4)

D5.2 - Verification Techniques for SCs and SCEs (first version) (second report on WP5)

D6.2 - The SCE Workbench and Integrated Tools, Pre-Release 1 (second report on WP6)

D7.2 - Ensemble Model Syntheses with Robot, Cloud Computing and e-Mobility (second report on WP7)

D8.2 - The ASCENS Service Component Repository (first version) (second report on WP8)

D9.2 - Progress Report on Dissemination, Collaboration and Exploitation

Year 1

JD1.1 - ASCENS White Paper

D1.1 - Languages Primitives for Coordination, Resource Negotiation, and Task Description (first report on WP1)

D2.1 - Enhanced Connectors, Resource-aware Operational Models, and the Negotiation-Commit-Execute Scheme and   its Foundations (first report on WP2

D3.1 - Software Requirements, Knowledge Modelling and Knowledge Representation for Self-Awareness—Report and Survey with Experimental Results for Intelligent Multi-agent System (first report on WP3)
D4.1 - Catalogue of Patterns of Component- and Ensemble-level Self-adaptation and Self-expression, and Requirements for Knowledge Modelling (first report on WP4)
D5.1 - Verification Techniques for Service Components and Correctness Proofs for Negotiate-Commit-Execute Schemes (first report on WP5)
D6.1 - Service-Component Ensemble Tooling - Tool Integration Requirements and Technology (first report on WP6)
D7.1 - Requirement Specification and Scenario Description of the ASCENS Case Studies (first report on WP7)
D8.1 - Challenges of Developing Service-Component Ensembles in the Real World (first report on WP8)
D9.1.b - Progress Report on Dissemination and Collaboration

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