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The jRESP framework provides an API that permits SCEL’s linguistic constructs for controlling the computation and interaction of autonomic components to be used in Java programs, and for defining the architecture of autonomic and adaptive systems and ensembles.

jRESP also provides specific components that can be used to simulate SCEL programs. The screenshot shows a simulation run of a robotics scenario: A set of landmarks (blue squares in the picture) randomly walk to find a victim (depicted as a red circle). When the victim is found all the landmarks dynamically create an ensemble that allow the workers (green squares in the picture) to reach the victim and rescue it.

The jRESP simulation environment integrates a statistical model-checker that can be used to estimate the probability of reaching specific goals. The result of such a model checking analysis is shown below: The probability to save the victim within t time units is studied when the number of landmarks varies from 10 to 100.


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