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IMT is an international Ph.D. school and research institute located in Lucca (Italy) and funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and Education. IMT strives to reach the fusion of theoretical comprehension and practical relevance and is based on two multidisciplinary Research Areas (Computer Science and Applications and Economics and Institutional Change) that constitute the core of IMT’s organizational model and intellectual environment.

Expertise. The main focus of IMT is on the modeling and analysis of computing, economic and engineering systems. The IMT research group participating in ASCENS is the recently formed System Modeling and Analysis (SySMA) group led by professor Rocco De Nicola; members of the group have been working since a long time on the design and analysis of concurrent, distributed and mobile systems. Important outcomes are languages for programming mobile interactive systems and seminal papers on behavioral equivalences, modal logic and process calculi. Recently SySMA researchers have contributed to studying models for the quantitative analysis of systems behaviors, developing stochastic and probabilistic models and logics and relative tools for properties checking.

Role in ASCENS. IMT will fundamentally contribute to the activities of WP1 and WP2, in particular in what regards formal models, languages analysis techniques (qualitative and quantitative) for service component ensembles. IMT will bring into the project its expertise on network aware programming, calculi, models and (temporal and stochastic) logics for mobile distributed concurrent systems and on the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of such systems. IMT will lead WP1 and will significantly contribute to WP2 moreover the IMT group will collaborate with the other WPs to provide mathematically well-founded approaches to the development of proof techniques and tools for modeling, programming and proving properties of adaptive component- and service-oriented systems.

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