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A spin-off of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Zimory is at the forefront of cloud computing and Infrastructure as a Service enabling dynamic, on-demand, automatic movement of applications between servers in one or many locations. Based in Berlin, the company develops a dynamic infrastructure solution for data centres to create a modern adaptive IT infrastructure enabling IT to improve flexibility and reduce operating costs.

Cloud CTO Gustavo Alonso Honoured for Visionary Outlook on Database Scalability and Data Management

Zimory CTO Gustavo Alonso has been awarded with one of the two TEN YEAR BEST PAPER AWARDS at the 36th International Conference on Very Large Databases  (VLDB) in Singapore (September 2010).

The " Database Scalability and Data Management" paper has been used in educational and business circles and has provided new insights on techniques that have been proven to be the key to elastic replication of databases. Today, the techniques are widely used in commercial products and open source solutions. Download paper, slides.

Expertise. Zimory technology helps connect and manage complex IT infrastructure with our Interoperable Infrastructure as a Service Platform. With the same platform, Zimory created a Public Cloud use case – a marketplace for computing capacity as well as Private Cloud environments to manage internal datacentre resources and to get seamless access to external cloud capacities. In the course of this work, it became clear that the limiting factor in IT stacks is the database.

IT managers taking advantage of Zimory’s platform to reach new levels of flexibility for their applications found the tight coupling to a central database to be the limiting factor in the path towards more cost effective and flexible deployments. Zimory is building technology to enable any time, anywhere access to this data. A patented innovation of Zimory allows users to offer and to retrieve data centre resources dynamically and on-demand, enabling Zimory to introduce and operate an international trading platform to exchange data centre resources.

Role in ASCENS. The major role of Zimory in ASCENS is in the domain of cloud computing and infrastructure as a service. Zimory is interested in self-awareness for infrastructure clouds with the aim of reducing resource consumption. Zimory will provide, support and adapt the infrastructure for cloud computing in the research cloud case study (WP 7), contribute to the tools to WP 6, and best practises in WP 8.

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Key members

  • Gustavo Alonso
  • Maximilian Ahrens
  • José Velasco

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